12 Wines of December Case Special


We have hand curated this delightful holiday case special to cover all your pairing needs this season!  

As an extra special treat, we're giving you 15% off the case + FREE Ontario-wide SHIPPING!

Included in your holiday bundle is 2 bottles of each of the following varieties, designed to pair perfectly with all your holiday meal ideas: 

Viva Vidal Sparkling Wine

Enjoy the tantalizing tropical fruit bouquet, the vibrant lemon, lime, citrus flavours, and the zest of a million bubbles!

12.2% alc./vol 750 ml, 18.3 g/L

2019 L'Acadie Blanc

A beautifully balanced white wine with aromas and flavours of tropical fruits and a medley of citrus and honeysuckle notes to finish.   

12.5% alc./vol 750 ml, 13.4 g/L


2017 Notty Bay Blanc

A refreshing, vibrant dry white with flavours of green melon, grass and citrus.

11.5% alc./vol 750 ml, 12 g/L


2021 Notty Bay Rose

A beautiful rosé featuring notes of watermelon, cranberry, cherry, dragon fruit and pear. Gamay 85%, Foch 6%, Riesling 9%

11.8% alc./vol 750 ml, 10 g/L


2020 Notty Bay Rouge 

A fruit forward medium bodied red wine featuring notes of black plums, blackberries, black cherries and dark chocolate. Maréchal Foch 44%/ Marquette 34%/ Baco Noir 21%

12.2% alc./vol 750 ml, 6 g/L       


2019 Marquette

An intriguing medium bodied red wine with aromas and flavours of black currant, blueberries, blackberries, plums and spice with nicely balanced acidity and refined firm tannins.  Worth aging. 

12.7% alc./vol 750 ml, 3.5 g/L