All The Fixin's - 3 Bottle Special


Are you looking for a couple of bottles that will leave your guests and family happy? All the fixin's takes the worry out of finding that "perfect pairing" for your holiday get togethers!

Viva Vidal Sparkling Wine

Enjoy the tantalizing tropical fruit bouquet, the vibrant lemon, lime, citrus flavours, and the zest of a million bubbles!

12.2% alc./vol 750 ml, 18.3 g/L
Suggested Pairings:  brunch, appetizers

2018 Seyval Blanc 

A fresh fragrant, aromatic bouquet with flavours of pears, green apples, stone fruit and lively citrus.                                                                                                                             

11.6% alc./vol 750ml, 15 g/L                                                                                        Suggested Pairings:  curried shrimp, garlic steamed mussels, dips and soft cheeses 

2019 Maréchal Foch

One of our flagship wines that never disappoints. Featuring notes of red fruit, cedar and a hints of caramel.

11.7% alc./vol 750ml, 4g/L                                                                                        Suggested Pairings:  charcuterie, smoked cheeses, meats, roast beef and steak