Our Micro Climate

The emerging wine region of Georgian Bay is a unique micro climate! Slightly cooler than the Niagara Peninsula being at a more northerly latitude (45th parallel), a higher altitude +300ft above Lake Ontario, and having a cooler lake effect from the colder body of water of Georgian Bay.

Our Wines

Our Award Winning Wines

We are so proud to share our award winning wines with you! With the care, experience and passion that goes into each bottle, it’s nice to know even the most discriminating palates of esteemed wine judges, can taste it. Enjoy!


Wild & Inspired

The Wild & Inspired wine series is a commitment to making exceptional natural wild ferment wines at Georgian Hills winery from grapes grown and hand harvested at select vineyard sites in the Niagara Peninsula wine region.

Wild & Inspired wines tell a story of terroir; a reflection of soil, climate and the passion and creativity of the people that grow the grapes and make the wines.


Notty Bay

Like the red fox that has used its agility and cunning to adapt to the evolution of the planet over hundreds of thousands of years, so too have grape growers and winemakers evolved their practices to adapt to colder climate regions. By developing cold hardy grape varieties that flourish within the moderating “lake effect’ of Nottawasaga Bay, we can now create distinct, elegant, vibrant cool climate wines… like no other!


Georgian Hills Vineyards

After 10 years of learning our vision and goals are now much clearer. By working with nature we now focus on growing only cold hardy winter varieties at our vineyards in Georgian Bay.

Our unique micro climate influences our wines styles making them vibrant, fruit driven, aromatic style white wines and lighter style, fruit driven red wines with delicate tannins and lower alcohol.