Georgian Hills Vineyards Ciders

Georgian Hills Vineyards is located in the heart of apple country. The Beaver Valley is known for its cool northerly climate where orchard farmers have been growing unique varieties of heritage apples for almost a century. We are proud to produce our own Dry Apple and Sparkling Pear ciders.

Perfect Pairing: Sparkling Perry with its lower alcohol (under 7%) is the perfect welcome wine paired with light appetizers, or fun to toast the occasion with a fresh fruit dessert or lemon cake. Sparkling Dry Cider (also under 7%) is very versatile and goes well with savoury fatty foods like smoked meats, grilled pork chops or barbecue ribs.

Sparkling Perry

Sparkling Perry


A delicate fruit bouquet with a delicious taste of pears and a refreshing tingle of bubbles.

6.5% alc./vol 750 ml


Dry Cider

Sparkling Dry Cider

Light apple bouquet with crisp tart apple cider flavours and a refreshing effervescent fizz, perfect for sipping.

6.5% alc./vol 750 ml

$7.95 Apple Pie Trail Feature